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Haven't been on in over a year and yet I still remember all the little things I love about this place. There's probably no one left who remembers me here, especially since the BBS was on decline when I first left. We shall see, I suppose.

What's new?

2011-08-23 22:24:44 by Ghost

I haven't been on in a long while. I'm pretty sure the Mafia has gone to ashes, if not, awesome.
I've been busy with college, graduated with a Bachelor's in Graphic Design, got a boring fucking job as a image processor, and just grown up life.
Who the hell is still on here anyways?

Here's an idea...

2009-10-09 17:05:30 by Ghost

Wait until you and your girlfriend or potential girlfriend are alone in your room.
Slam door shut and say in a stern booming voice, "IT'S RAPIN' TIME!".
If she stays, keep her.
If she tries to run...I'll leave it to your judgment.


2009-04-01 15:48:21 by Ghost

...taking away my posting...jerks.


2009-01-12 22:35:46 by Ghost

Another 11 weeks of classes, sucks ass!

Print production- basically the basics of printing, and the processes that you can use.
Advertising copy writing- writing class based towards ads.
World civilization- General ed. class, sucks dick.
Annual report- I have no fucking clue what this will be about
Fundamentals of advertising- Advertising fundamentals...

next term

2008-10-04 13:02:50 by Ghost

After another 11 weeks I'm done with this term and am starting my next this Tuesday.

A little bit tougher this time 'round

Graphic Symbolism- basically researching and creating symbols that can represent something without words.

Perspective- drawing class, with perspective.

Photography- pretty self-explanatory

Sensory Language- We look at mass media and communications, it's a humanities class.

Promotional Campaign- Ad campaigns and creating them.

College update

2008-08-25 14:29:16 by Ghost

I figure since the season is here for everyone to start up college again or for their first time I might as well let you know what I'm doing.

It's my second semester in the Art Institute down here in Tucson, majoring in graphic design. Unlike alot of schools I've already been in progress for about seven weeks. I have eleven week periods and this one is almost over with.

If you're interested in doing Graphic design or any other commercial design field, this is a great school.

Classes: Color theory, math, image maipulation (easy), typography, layout design.
All four hours long, one day a week. Killer homework schedule.

Ok, ok...

2008-08-11 05:43:33 by Ghost


finding a woman on NG...

2008-07-29 18:49:28 by Ghost

is like finding a grown-up hanging out with Michael Jackson. Just doesn't happen much.

hey you!

2008-07-18 03:05:31 by Ghost