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George Carlin

2008-06-24 19:19:56 by Ghost

A lot of people on here most likely know this great man and his unfortunate death. He was more than just a comedian, he was a God of comedy! Please go buy one of his books and see what I mean. My suggestion would be Brain Droppings.

that's fucking cute!

2008-03-14 05:04:19 by Ghost

honestly, it's just SO FUCKING CUTE!!! :3

that's fucking cute!

Small apology

2007-12-29 04:04:28 by Ghost

I don't apologize much, but I am sorry for giving off the wrong message on the post about Phantom (R.I.P.?) on an earlier post. I would like to thank ChuckDaKnife for taking the time to see what angle I was coming from. This might be a rare newgrounds tragedy, or just a common hoax. Whatever it is I know we all can get through it together as a community. The NG Mafia and most of it's members are in mourning (not really), please forgive those who aren't (but seriously most of us don't give a shit). We are not all the same.

I don't feel sorry for Phantom

2007-12-28 02:39:18 by Ghost

There was not supposed to be comedy in my last post. I guess the title should have been more like "celebrate phantom's choice". I do not feel bad or even sorry for a choice that he made by himself. In fact I will only celebrate him, he would not want us to mourn him if his suicide is for real. He himself said he will be in a better place and there is no one more happier than me that he was able to reach that plane of higher existence. So friends, please spread this word of celebration, it is what Phantom would want.

For those of you who don't know the history between me and Phantom, then here it is. We were friends. Originally meeting in my club the "NG Mafia" he was welcomed as a great writer and a good member. I talked to him often and at great length. So if you do hear the hostility in my posts towards him then you now know why.

Phantom, if you're suicide is a fake then I hope you see this. Fuck you.

LOL at Phantom

2007-12-27 13:02:06 by Ghost

What a punk ass, killing himself and posting his suicide letter on NG. What a bitch.

So the beat goes on...

2007-11-28 19:21:58 by Ghost

So here we stand once again. After a short break I've come back to see yet another Anti-NG mafia club and yet more idiots that have the mind set that they are above all other users.

I've decided to stop depositing. There's not much I really do on here except for the mafia and a rare drop by in to the sig makers to complete a random request.

But my votes are still here for any artist that needs them. Just ask for them and I'll make sure that every member of the mafia takes a look at it. Only downside is that i can't guarantee a good score, we don't mass vote like popular belief suggests.

Been gone awhile...

2007-10-02 20:48:08 by Ghost

Been busy with college and work, no time for good ol' newgrounds. You'll probably see me around more often just talking shit and what not.

Welcome to the Godfather's mind...

2007-07-18 01:20:51 by Ghost

As many of you know i'm the leader of the infamous NG Mafia. We've been around for awhile and during this time we have made two flash games and countless enemies. We've gone toe to toe with mods and popular Newgrounds' personalities. It's all been good, clean fun, but there are still many people out there who consider us spammers and worthless. The best defense that I can give for us is to say that we are members just like everyone else. All of us have been around many clubs, I myself have seen the rise and fall of the NG Army, the controversial AAHC, and the powerful Alliance. All that has given me experiences that I laugh about most of the time, but some have given me insight to the true meaning of NG. Enjoying it to the fullest. So go and do just that, enjoy!