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finding a woman on NG...

2008-07-29 18:49:28 by Ghost

is like finding a grown-up hanging out with Michael Jackson. Just doesn't happen much.


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2008-07-29 19:00:04


Ghost responds:

I'm glad you see the big picture


2008-07-29 19:53:50

We're around, though.

Ghost responds:

Honestly, check the ratio


2008-07-29 20:11:50

We're just... quieter I suppose

Ghost responds:

You're lost in a jungle of cock jokes


2008-07-30 00:33:00

Well, it isn't that odd. More guys like games then girls.

Ghost responds:

But in recent polls it has been found that the number of women gamers is on the rise.


2008-07-31 19:24:29

Then the future is looking lovely, no?

Ghost responds:

it's looking like the sausage fest called xbox live might make more money


2008-08-03 17:47:05


i'm a female :P

Ghost responds:

Prove it!


2008-08-07 19:39:59

How come you signed up in 03 but your earliest post was in 07?

Ghost responds:

are you serious? My first post was in the general section the first day I signed up. The only reason that it would show different is because they deleted a SHITLOAD of topics.


2008-08-11 16:43:38

Because this is a place for wanna bees and nerds i mean realy maybe not Luis because he's like mexican and krinkles is a child molester

Ghost responds:

You're a fucking idiot.


2008-08-12 10:28:36

Newgrounds is a place for nerds to try to be cool

Ghost responds:

...and this is where you prove it.


2008-08-13 20:06:45

Yes I am bitch so fuckin fuck you and the world

Ghost responds:

please don't let your tears ruin your keyboard.