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next term

2008-10-04 13:02:50 by Ghost

After another 11 weeks I'm done with this term and am starting my next this Tuesday.

A little bit tougher this time 'round

Graphic Symbolism- basically researching and creating symbols that can represent something without words.

Perspective- drawing class, with perspective.

Photography- pretty self-explanatory

Sensory Language- We look at mass media and communications, it's a humanities class.

Promotional Campaign- Ad campaigns and creating them.


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2008-10-10 17:10:00

Awesome man sounds awesome.


2008-10-13 11:12:26

I've always wanted to take a promotional campaign like course. It sounds fun.

Ghost responds:

it's gonna be tougher course. The teacher is like 70-something and doesn't like the modern scheme of things...