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Here's an idea...

2009-10-09 17:05:30 by Ghost

Wait until you and your girlfriend or potential girlfriend are alone in your room.
Slam door shut and say in a stern booming voice, "IT'S RAPIN' TIME!".
If she stays, keep her.
If she tries to run...I'll leave it to your judgment.


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2009-10-09 17:16:22

Your name was my first choice.


Ghost responds:

you were about 6 years too late. I actually had to prove that the original Ghost wasn't active any longer. I was _Ghost_, Ghost_Gonzalez, -Ghost-....a bunch of variations.


2009-10-20 20:42:01

I'd stay.

(Updated ) Ghost responds:

We need to talk then


2010-11-06 18:23:28



2011-02-14 12:48:50

Good idea bro.

I'll just go ahead and do that.


2011-06-15 21:25:07

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