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2011-08-23 22:24:44 by Ghost

I haven't been on in a long while. I'm pretty sure the Mafia has gone to ashes, if not, awesome.
I've been busy with college, graduated with a Bachelor's in Graphic Design, got a boring fucking job as a image processor, and just grown up life.
Who the hell is still on here anyways?


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2012-03-16 19:30:20

everyone is gone


2012-04-26 00:34:36

Hey, GODfater, you should be responsible to your own NGmafia since you started it and you're responsible. I'm not part of the mafia but, I'd like this join when you start being active again.


2012-06-03 20:01:23

My ass is still here reekin havoc. Life still ain't ready for me. Shit may be dusty but I'm keepin the Mafia alive, one way or the other. Whenever you're ready Godfather..